Brenner Metal Products: Expanding Business Reach with New Initiatives, Products, and Charity

WALLINGTON, NJ - May 30, 2017

Brenner Metal Products Corporation, a New Jersey based Woman Owned Small Business Manufacturer of Field Hospital and Emergency Management Equipment has announced the expansion of their business and community footprint including global initiatives, new and updated products, and the launch of their charitable organization - Brenner Foundation, Inc.
 Christine Brenner
Brenner has recently finalized certification as a Woman Owned Small Business. This signifies a positive shift and increased ability for BMP to take part in domestic and global opportunities. Brenner can provide continued support
through out the United States and with their allied partners internationally.
Additionally, Brenner has become a source of supply for the State of New Jersey Task Force and  Office of Emergency Management (OEM) for several counties in New York and New Jersey requesting Deployable Recovery Beds, Folding Cots, Stretchers and Litter Carriers, to be used in disaster relief and emergency support.
Brenner has proudly served US Services for over 60 years and as a Federal Contractor her American made products have been supplied to: Department of Defense, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, DLA and State Departments and Agencies, Department of Homeland Security, FEMA/American Red Cross, and the United Nations.
As Brenner continues to expand, additional services will include: Humanitarian Support, Disaster Relief Equipment, Critical Infrastructure and Systems, Primary and Triage Services, and Health Care Processes and Coordination.
A primary initiative for BMP is the coordination and creation of a "Shelter Kit" for disaster mitigation, refugee camps, and other emergency circumstances. By working directly with international organizations, BMP and Brenner Foundation can provide these containers that can be deployed within one hour fully equipped with recovery beds, cots, medical supplies, stretchers, litter carriers, and other requested materials and support services. As a pre-emptive measure or an immediate need, these "Shelter Kits" will prove to be an invaluable support system in any community or region domestic or abroad.
Christine Brenner, President and CEO of BMP announces the formation and launch of Brenner's Charity - Brenner Foundation, Inc. "Along with global opportunities, this non-profit organization will become a significant part of the community and our mission is to provide folding cots to shelter facilities and to support responders in emergency situations," says Ms. Brenner. “Near to our heart is supporting our veterans through a variety of opportunities and programs,” she said. The website will be live early June 2017.
For more information:
c/o Christine Brenner
16 Main Avenue
Wallington, NJ 07057
(p) 973-778-2466